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Jiangsu Shenghui Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

LED troffers, LED panel lights, LED vapor tight lights, LED linear light fixtures, LED flood lights, LED high bay li...

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    No. 2 Weier Road, Dongtai Economic & Development Zone, Dongtai, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Jiangsu Shenghui Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (Sunwea Lighting) is an asset-heavy business with a massive 340,000 square meter manufacturing facility and a claimed RMB 2.5 billion of total asset. The company has a workforce of over 1600 employees, including 60 engineers. Sunwea's portfolio of LED lighting fixtures includes LED troffersLED panel lights, LED vapor tight lights, LED linear light fixtures, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights and LED street lights. Sunwea offers a range of LED downlights - deep cone downlights, adjustable gimbals, extendable gimbals, surface-mount cans, COB downlights and flat panel downlights.

Sunwea Lighting invested heavily in the automated and digital production systems to ensure the highest level of manufacturing efficiency and quality consistency. The company utilize the latest in computer-controlled equipment to produce LED packages to make certain that all of its light sources are of irreproachable quality. The sophisticated LED packaging solutions are delivered by industry-leading equipment which include wafer processing equipment, automatic high speed die bonders, reflow ovens, high speed wire bonders, precision dispensing systems, and automatic LED (SMD) sorting systems,etc. Leveraging Sunwea's complete vertical integration, most of its LED products undergo secondary, value-added processes to deliver unmatched reliability and availability. These processes, in addition to in-house LED packaging, include CNC machining, mechanical processing, finishing, power coating, PCB assembly, optics manufacturing, and final luminaire assembly.

Sunwea keeps strong interest in identifying intelligent solutions for bridging the gap between original concept and mass production while lowering production costs and speeding time-to-market for our customers. Sunwea's luminaire manufacturing systems are integrated with sophisticated IT infrastructure. Together with rigorous QC procedures and fully equipped inspection systems, Sunwea offers a broad portfolio of reliable energy efficient lighting products delivered on time and on budget.
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